Friday, August 14, 2015

Five things I love about my dog

Before I became a dog owner, I thought all dogs were pretty much the same--even though each of my cats has had a distinct personality.  I was a cat snob. 

Then I went over to the dog side, and found Riggs wasn't like other dogs, or even other doodles.  He doesn't wag much, for starters.  It has to be a Major Life Event to warrant a Riggs' wag.  Major as in arriving at the cottage, where it's all swish-swish-swish. His low-key style doesn't mean he isn't happy or welcoming, however. He was doling out face licks to complete strangers on the dock this week.  But it wasn't wag-worthy. 

Like any dog, he's an individual, and I've learned to celebrate what's unique about him (aside from his spectacular death-rolling feats). 

I haven't stopped comparing him to other dogs. Quite the reverse.  I love hearing what people love most about their dogs, because I feel like I get to know mine better in the process.

That's why I regularly invite people to post the "Top Five" things they love about their dog on my Facebook page. I'll do the same here.  Friday is your day to brag on your pets. 

I invited Laurie McDonald Young to go first. Laurie is one of the Top 5 nicest people I’ve met on Facebook. Well, we haven’t actually met, because I'm in Toronto and she lives in Elgin, South Carolina with her husband and their 4 dogs and 3 cats.  The size of her pack is an occupational hazard, she says, because she works in a veterinary office.

Laurie is passionate about the care, health and well-being of all animals and feels lucky to be able to help educate people at her job.  I can attest that she’s very generous with her knowledge and has put my mind at rest about my own dogs many times. On top of that, she posts some of the best dog photos around, courtesy of her talented husband, Ernie.

I assigned Laurie the difficult task of choosing only one dog to profile.  Eight-year-old Goldendoodle Nug got the nod, because he is the least demanding dog in the pack. In short, he deserves his day in the sun.  Over to Laurie. . .


Top 5 things I Love about Nug

1. His gentle nature.  Nug is always patient and unassuming.  He never pushes the other dogs out of the way, and he waits for permission from me.

2. His pleasure in meeting and greeting people, especially children.

3. His subtle little nudges when he wants your attention for something. This dog really doesn’t ask for much, so I try to pay attention when he does.  

4. His prance.  He moves like the top dog in a show ring when he’s excited!

5. His “old soul” eyes and the way he looks at me.

And last, because I can’t just pick five, I love the way the wind flows through his beautiful coat.  He is a wonderful dog!

Post your Top Five in the comments or on Facebook, or volunteer for the Friday Five. All pets welcome! 


  1. Laurie, thanks for sharing. I'm impressed you were able to stop (well almost) at 5! Question for you, what is the origin of "Nug's" name? It is unique...

  2. I have always wondered that myself. My guess: gold "Nugget."

  3. Thanks Laurie ! I enjoy knowing nug more ❤️

  4. Ok here is the not so glamorous or nice meaning to Nug's name. My hubby is OCD and his number is 3 so 3 letters in names is what rings right with him. When a new person starts where he works everyone calls him or her NUG which means New Useless Guy! So when I brought A little Goldendoodle puppy home almost 8 years ago without any notice or warning. I let Ernie pick out the name, my bad, sorry Nug. He said he would call him NUG and have it stand for, New Useless Goodle. At that time Goodle was as common as Goldendoodle. Nug was rescued from a puppy mill by one of our clients and she could not keep him so she brought him to me. One look at that sweet face and those eyes and I was in love.

  5. I love this Sandy & Laurie. So awesome to get to know this beautiful Golden Doodle! Love the story behind NUG's name! Ernie is a good man! <3

  6. Thanks, Maura. You know there is a Friday spot for you X 3.

  7. Thank You Maura, I always feel that my others guys get left out because there is so much hoopla that surrounds a SwissRidge Doodle, I Love them all with all my heart and soul!❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾