Sunday, June 14, 2015

Win a Free Copy of "Golden Boy: How to raise a dog all wrong and end up all right"

Yes, that is really Riggs!

What's the deal?

I'm giving away three (3) print copies of Golden Boy.  I'll mail them anywhere in North America. 

Why just give books away? 

I'm feeling giddy.  You see, I'm a very poor photographer.  Terrible, in fact.  So when one of my photos gets 800+ Facebook "likes," it goes to my head and I start making rash offers. 

The photo in question is not of my golden boy Riggs, but of my black beauty, Mabel.  Of course, it was a complete fluke, but I am totally milking my 15 minutes of photo fame.   

I call this "Floating Head Mabel"  (I keep changing the title, but like I said, giddy!)

What's Golden Boy about?

Here's the cover blurb: 

Meet Sandy. She's a cat lady who likes a calm, quiet, orderly home. A dog doesn't belong in the picture. Yet when life takes a heartbreaking turn, a dog may be just what she needs to bring back the joy. It has to be the right dog, of course--loyal, loving, and low key. Perfect obedience and good grooming mandatory.

Enter Riggs. He's a 34 lb. Goldendoodle billed as Sandy's perfect match. But Riggs has better things to do than sit around adoring a hangdog writer. Eating poop, for example.  Or rolling on dead fish and mystery corpses. This demonic muppet nips the hand that feeds him--and the butt attached to it, too.

Completely outfoxed by her incorrigible pup, Sandy commits to learning about leadership from a series of obedience trainers and a witty life coach. Riggs is equally determined to stay top dog.  It's only when the novice owner drops the leash and takes to the trails that a tenuous bond forms, gradually blossoming into a profound connection.

Sometimes... you get the dog you need.


What are people saying?

Reviewers are using words like “honest,” “funny,” and “heartwarming.” But see for yourself here

What do I have to do to win?

Just send me an e-mail here and say, “I want to read Golden Boy.”  I will draw three names on June 21st, and mail print copies to the winners.

Is it really that easy?

Yes!  There's only one hitch:  if you enjoy the book, please review it on and, if you're really feeling generous, tell all your dog-loving friends.
Is Riggs really that bad?

Not anymore.  But he once was.  Trust me. 


  1. I would love to read your book(s)!

  2. My first doodle is on the way and I'm beyond excited. I can use all the help I can get# Thanks for sharing your story.